Life is Just a Game – Don’t Lose Heart, Be Sporting

Sports have become the main source of entertainment for the modern man. Often the sports become more important than merely a game and become a matter of pride and humiliation not for the team but even for the countries. Citizens mourn when their team loses a match and celebrate when the team of their country registers a victory. Often the fans become so emotionally surcharged and involved that they even clash with each other and even kill the supporters of rival teams. It is quite common to find the fans of the opposite teams clashing with each other as if the teams are not playing a game but engaged in a battle of life and death. Bill Shankly, a football (soccer) manager in a chat show said, “Someone said “football is more important than life and death to you” and I said “Listen, it’s more important than that.”

Logically speaking, there should be no reason to get emotionally involved in a game that is played by individual sportsman for the sake of money and for the sake of their own good. After all, game is a game and one must follow sportsmanship while playing a game. Sportsmanship means fair play, courtesy, striving spirit, and grace in losing. One must play the game in the proper spirit of game rather than playing it like a war or a battle. Yet all of us get involved emotionally in our favorite sports as if we are participating in a war.

For a true sportsman, victory and loss are irrelevant and playing is more important than winning or losing. Yet the stakes are now so high for the sportsmen that they stand to lose or gain millions by the outcome of the match. So it is understandable that they play with their heart and soul for victory for the sake of rewards.

Yet why must the spectator get so involved? They are not even playing in the game. They don’t get any financial benefit for winning or losing. They don’t even get the health benefit which a sportsman gets by playing a game. Why do fans get so involved when they are just spectators and nothing else?

We have learned to somehow associate ourselves with one team (often belonging to our country) and wish for its victory at the cost of other. The enjoyment becomes double when the rival team happens to be from an enemy country. Here not only you celebrate the victory of your team but also the loss of the enemy country. However, we also mourn and feel pained when our favorite team loses.

The Logics of Fans

We are all players or spectator of the different games of life. Some time we are players while at others we are fans or spectators. The behavior of people as player or fans is quite predictable. Fans cheer for their country or against an enemy country. If you ask them why they are cheering for their country, they would perhaps feel that the answer is too obvious. After all they are born in the country and their identity revolves around the country. So it becomes their duty to cheer for their country since country’s loss is their loss and country’s victory their victory. Now if you ask a fan to imagine, how he would have cheered, had he would have born in the enemy country? He would find it difficult to answer because he had perhaps never thought in that direction.

This problem is, however, faced by the citizen who migrates from their country of birth to another country. They do not know whom to cheer. On one side is their emotion which is attached to the country of their birth and on the other side is the logical mind that seeks loyally to the country of the citizenship.

Thankfully very few of us are ever exposed to such dilemma and gleefully cheer the teams of our own country. Yet it is not difficult to imagine that if we would have born in the enemy country, perhaps we too would have cheered the enemy country with the same enthusiasm. Thus our justification for support of a team depends on where we are born rather then the merit of the team and the fairness of the battle. We can apply the principle of justice (Let the best team win) only if we are not part of it. If we are associated with any of the team, we want only our team to win, whether it is a better team or not, whether by fair means or foul.

Life is a Game

Why God created this world? What is the goal of our life? Why there are so much suffering in this world? Why people do evil acts? While evil people succeed while good people lose? These are some of the most difficult questions of human life. These questions have been answered by many Gurus, Philosophers and Prophets in different period of time.

Guru Nanak Dev, a great Indian philosophers, who started Sikhism, the youngest religion of the world, said that life is nothing but a game and we are all players. The root of suffering and pleasure is this game of life which arises as we fail to take this game with sportsmanship. He said, สล็อตโจ๊กเกอร์

“One who knows that pain and pleasure are both the same, and honor and dishonor as well; who remains detached from joy and sorrow, realizes the true essence in the world. Renounce both praise and blame; seek instead the state of Nirvaanaa. O servant Nanak, this is such a difficult game; only a few Gurmukhs (who have become spiritual beings) understand it! (sggs 218).”

Which Team Do You Support?

Let us change the paradigm of the world. Imagine for a moment that life is made of many games. All laws and morals are just the rules of the game. You can join any of the two teams. One that is “For” team of the Law and the other is “Against” team of Law. You can also change your team just like a person can change his country or religion.

Let us now visualize some games. The first game is “Don’t Steal”. So if you are in the “For” team, you have to ensure that people “don’t steal”. But if you are on the opposite team, it is your duty to “steal”. It is just like a game of cop and thief.

However, once the game starts, gradually the players develop their faith on the motto of their team. Both have their own philosophy and reason to play. “Don’t Steal” law is made by State to benefit few “rich” people. The rich people would be happy with it because they can accumulate large amount of money and enjoy security of wealth if their team wins. However, the poor people are “Against” the law because it harms them. Even if they die of hunger or shelters, they can’t steal even when few people in the society have horded billions in their account. If stealing would have allowed, they would have acquired wealth simply by stealing from others.

Thus this game, like any other sports, has to be played between the two teams. If you believe in stealing, you become a member of the “Against “team, you would find the people of the For team as enemy as they would arrest you, prosecute you and even kill you. Yet the history of the human race establishes that every time a law is made, two teams “For” and “Against” automatically get created. Most of the people, however, do not “actually” play the game, but belong to one of the team as a supporter or fan.

Similarly, there are so many rules in the world which all starts a new game. There are rules like “Don’t Murder”, “Faithfulness”, Loyalty, Import, Export etc. The violators of these rule are often termed as criminals and they are punished by the State and detested by the civilized people.

We all join the game either as a player or as a spectator. Most often, our choice is based on how we are. For example, if you are a cop, you see all law violators as a criminal. But if you are the poor man, you feel that the cops are criminals. Thus your support belongs not based on the merit but on the basis of your own self.

Maintain Sportsmanship

We are often disturbed by the events in the world when we find that our opposite team or the “evil” forces are winning. Little do we realize that our own concept of right and wrong is based more on emotion and less on reason? We cheer what we think is right not based on any “reason” but based on our “position”.

Logically speaking, all laws are unfair as they benefit some people at the cost of others. Why should there have a law for not stealing and not murdering? Why the wealth of a rich person must not be distributed to poor people, when a civilized society itself is based on the concept of equality? Why should a murderer, a killer, a rapist should not be murdered? Every animal manage it that way. These laws are not always benefited the society. If people are able to commit heinous crime and accumulate billions, it is only because of these laws which are unjust and contrary to the laws of the God and nature.

Thus the battle of For and Against has to be fought and both teams have the right to win. If we have the sportsmanship, we would be just and fair and say that let the best team wins. Yet most of us are just like fans of the individual team, who just wants their team to win. The result is that when the adversely wins we feel disappointed and frustrated as if they have no right to win.

We often forget that even we too are not always in the “For” team. For example, if extramarital affair is immoral and illegal, our support and reason would be different depending upon our own actions. If we have been unfaithful, we have joined “Against” team. Here, we would have many reasons and justifications for our action. Yet if we are “faithful” we are For the law. In reality, none of the two sides are logical and reasonable as both sides base their judgments on the basis of own “position” rather than on the Truths and Facts. Similarly, if you are a judge, journalist, bureaucrat, politician, doctor, scientist or any other profession, even without your conscious knowledge, you have become part of the game and you want victory for their position.

Yet most of the people, instead of viewing the life as a game and inculcating sportsman spirit in them, tend to become quite unsporting and wants only their team to win even when the opposite team is more “deserving”.

The Purpose of Game

It is not without reason that people say that playing is more important than winning or losing. The benefit of the game is in playing. When you play a game say badminton, chess, tennis, you are pitted against a fellow human being. Hence you try your best to win as ample reward is offered by society to the winner. This desire to win gets the best of your mind and body. So a sportsman is physically and mentally stronger and fitters by virtue of playing a game irrespective of the outcome of a game. That is the true purpose of game.

Man is the only animal which plays a game and developed sports. Man is also the only animal who have made rules and laws for their life. These rules forced the man to think more and work more to win in the game so that one can reap the reward reserved for the wining team or player.

Let us look the world from different paradigm. In the world, hundreds of games are always played. Yet the society rewards not only those who play in the “For” team. It also rewards the “against” team if it wins. All great leaders and heroes in the history of the world are often the people, who played from the “Against” team. However, after they won the match, the rule of the game itself was changed as it was found to be unjust. Thus to the modern generation, it appears as if they played in the “For” team. You have to just study the life of Buddha, Christ, Gandhi, Mandela to understand how they defied the laws of the land and changed the course of the history.

Free Action Games: Assures Full Fledged Thrilling and Exciting Experience

Today, World Wide Web has affected the entire arena of entertainment. It allows the user to access numerous sources such as Internet television, news channels and much more. There are a huge variety of free on-line games available today on the Internet, but among them, the free action games are more popular among people of all age groups. There is an ample of free download able games available on the Internet for the convenience of the users. A user can select and download appropriate games according to his or her like and dislike. สล็อตโจ๊กเกอร์

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Home Security – Do You Really Need a Home Security System?

Many homeowners wonder if they truly need a security system to protect their house and their possessions. Sure, they seem to provide a great service but are they really worth the cost and do they really work? When it comes to your home and your family, you want to take every precaution that you can, you just need to be sure that you’re not wasting your time, effort or money. Many homeowners wonder if they truly need a security system to protect their house and their possessions. Sure, they seem to provide a great service but are they really worth the cost and do they really work? When it comes to your home and your family, you want to take every precaution that you can, you just nee to be sure that you’re not wasting your time, effort or money.

A high quality home security system is going to do many things for you and your family, and it offers much more than protection from break-ins. This shouldn’t be understated however, as it’s one of the key features of a home security system, to be able to keep potential burglars or dangerous people out of your home at all times.

In many cases all you really need to increase your security is to display a sign of an alarm system on your property. Just this sign alone can prevent many potential break-ins from ever taking place. Of course, with a real home security system backing that up, if anything still does happen you’ll still be protected when it matters most.

The 7 Best-Rated Baby Monitors For Checking Kids

Home security systems also protect your house against fires. The risk of a house fire is always there, and you never know when something can cause a chain reaction and your home could end up in to reset my garage door opener Having the fire crews sent automatically to your house after a short period of time will make the difference between your family escaping safely and your house remaining standing.

Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you still don’t need fire protection. You have all of your valuable possessions in your home, and may even have a house pet that’s left in the house when you’re away. Either way, a home security system will protect your home and what’s inside even when you’re not there.

You cannot undervalue that sense of security and the peace of mind that a home security system provides. Knowing that your family is safe and your home is protected is a great feeling to have. It will allow you to go on long trips and not feel guilty or worried. Just being able to confidently say that your family and home are protected will increase your everyday well being and happiness.

For extremely cheap prices, you can get home security systems today that provide more value and protection than ever before. In addition to the intrusion alarm and fire protection, you can also buy systems with carbon monoxide detection. You can take your home security level to the next level by installing motion detectors and other triggered alarms and your system can be dialed straight into emergency services for automatic help.

The safety and health of your family and the home that you share with them always has to be the number one concern. With a home security system, you’ll be able to guard yourself and your loved ones against all kinds of threats and problems. Especially with the low cost of systems today, buying a home security system is one of the best things you can do with your money.

Safe Online Shopping

What is safe on line shopping? The money spent with online shops is increasing at a superb rate due to the convenience, choice and low prices that can be found. This is all great but how will you know you are spending with a reputable website? You should know very well what safe online shopping is, what things to look for and what to avoid.

How is online shopping made safe? Safe online shops use technology that protects the non-public information you provide when making a purchase online, your credit card details are ‘scrambled’ so that they can’t be captured by “identification thieves” who try to capture credit card or bank-account details in order buy goods or get loans in your label. Scrambling this personal information means that it can’t be read or captured by anyone else.

How can I tell if the online shop I am shopping on is safe? To make sure that the online shop what your location is shopping is safe you should check for the next:

An unbroken key or shut lock in your browser window. Each one of these icons show that the online shop is safe. If the main element is cracked or the lock open the online shop is not safe. Be sure the online shop website street address begins with “https” rather than “http” if you are providing personal information, such as for example credit card details. This implies that you’re in a secure section of the online shop. If you see the words “Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)”, in some cases in a pop-up window, you know you are shopping at a protected and safe online shop. koker spanijel

How well do I know the brand of the web shop? Another thing to take into account is how well you know the manufacturer that runs the online shop? The chances are you currently could be more confident of purchasing at Amazon than many other online brands because they are well established and also have a reputation for good customer service.

How quickly am i going to get my goods? It really is well worth delving in to the online shop’s customer service section to determine when and how your goods will be delivered. Does the online shop enable you to specify delivery dates and instances or an alternative delivery address.

Does the online shop offer me a call number in case anything goes wrong? If anything does fail with your order it is good to have a direct customer service phone number to call to express your concerns, if not, many online shops provide a customer service email with a guaranteed response time so you can air your queries about your order.

Does the online shop make all fees involved clear? During the sale the online shop should explicitly advise you of all charges mixed up in purchase including delivery expenses, taxation and minimum purchase limits. These charges will undoubtedly be outlined when you reach the shopping cart software stage of the purchase where you could see the products you have bought and all related charges. From the shopping cart software (or basket) you will proceed to the checkout phase where you safely complete the transaction from a secure server. USUALLY DO NOT enter you credit card details unless you are sure the checkout is on a secure server ? see How can I tell if the online shop I am shopping on is safe?

Shopping online is really a convenient way to access a wide array of products from around the globe and if all of the points above are in place with the web shop you have chosen you will be confident that your purchase is being made safely and you may anticipate receiving your product. provide all the information you need about safe online shopping.

How to Buy and Sell Websites Online for Complete Beginners

There is really no secret on how to buy and sell websites online and make money from home. As a webmaster or website flipper, your main job will be the ability to find the right buyer who is willing and able to buy your website or blog at a profit and I will explain how you will go about it shortly. However, beyond this article, you should further invest in your knowledge if you want to be on top of the game as a beginner site flipper in order to understand the nuts and bolts of making money flipping websites for profit on the internet. posao novi sad

Set a Budget for Your Business

To start your website flipping business, you need to set a budget to buy your first website to sell. This will largely depend on your deep pocket and the level you are willing to operate from as a website flipper. You can start buying and selling websites online with as little as $500 or as high as $250,000 and above. It depends on you!

However, if you don’t have any money at all to get started but have enough time to commit to starting and running an online business profitably, you can build a website from scratch and flip it too. But you have to understand that it will take you time to set up a well-optimized web property, create and publish content on it regularly, get free targeted traffic to the website, build backlinks to rank for target keywords on SERP and make money from your website before you finally flip it for profit.

In other words, you are either investing money to buy established website or blog that is already making profits for the incumbent webmaster for you to resell at a later date or investing quality time to start a website from scratch. For the latter, you need strong internet marketing skills to build a profitable online business to sell from the ground up and make profit.

Decide on the Type of Website to Buy or Build

Depending on what you are passionate about, you can buy a website or blog of any type and description. There is Google AdSense monetized websites, forum sites, membership sites, e-book selling sites, turnkey and established e-commerce sites, and so on, which are up for sale at auction marketplaces.

You can conduct due diligence on any blog or website of your interest to see the possibility of buying it which is usually through competitive bidding. A good place to start buying websites is for both starter and established websites.

But if you are building a website from scratch, it means you will conduct market and keyword research, market analysis and evaluation for target keywords, register a domain name and buy web hosting, set up your blog website, promote your website and build backlinks to rank your site for long tail keyword phrases. Yes, it is a whole gamut of work to build a website flipping business that will appeal to lots of potential buyers. And you need strong internet marketing skills to excel at flipping websites as a beginner.

How Much is My Website Worth?

In order to not set your expectations too high or even shortchange yourself when selling your website at arm’s length transaction, you need to have a ballpark figure of how much to sell your website or blog in the open market based on verifiable website valuation indices.

For you to have an idea of how much your website is worth, you have to keep records of your website’s activities long before the sale which will include traffic sources, site income and net profits, costs and time to maintain the website and so forth.

An easy way to value a website is by using the multiple of monthly net profits. For instance, if your web property is currently making $500 a month net profit for at least 3 months consistently, you can expect to flip that site between $2,500 and $5,000 i.e. $500 times 5 or 10 months net profits paid to you in advance as the seller.

How to Pick the Right Equipment for a Cake-Baking Project

The festive season is full of preparations and one of the major tasks involves cake-baking. Cakes are delicacies which come with a lot of work but the appreciation with which friends and loved ones eat them makes it worth your while. While some people prefer buying it to celebrate and mark memorable occasions, others prefer making on their own. Baking cakes and decorating them requires a lot of work and there is nothing better than getting the right equipment such as baking pans in order to make work easier. Here are some of the ways of ensuring that the cakes which you bake end up delicious and well-decorated. perfect slice cake cutter

It is very important to work with a budget. Cakes can take up so much money especially if one decides to bake their own as opposed to buying some. In order to successfully buy cake-making equipment for the first time, one needs to have sufficient money because the equipment can be very expensive. Apart from the cooking and baking equipment, one also needs tools for decorating it. These are bought from baking supplies stores or from online decoration stores. Depending on the project one has for baking and delivery, they should allocate reasonable amount of money for all the expenses they will incur.

With a budget in hand, one has to look for a cake decorating supply store. Baking decorations supplies range from one kind to another depending on that specific equipment one wants to use for their project. It is recommended that one goes for a store which is popular and which solely deals with baking decorations. This enables one to get everything they want for their cake decoration project all under one roof. The internet can also be the best place to shop for these decorating tools and other supplies. The items can be delivered to the client as soon as they are ordered.

Cakes come in various shapes, colors and designs. There are many ways of decorating them as well. For unseasoned cakes decorators, there may be a need to take some decorating lessons before embarking on their next project. The internet is a one stop help for learners as there are more than enough cake decorating tutorials for those interested. One can also decide to buy a handbook to help them along. Baking cake in groups is also one of the best ways of learning how to decorate your own.

Online Company Formation Services: How to Start a Company Fast

Online company formation allows corporations to be formed in a small period of time. Registration agents specialise in the company formation process and can help clients establish corporations in a short period of time. Some online organisations have started over 100,000 corporations. Potential business owners should begin their business with people who understand the rules and regulations associated with this process. This will help business owners avoid problems with taxes and compliance related issues.

Registration agents are skilled and trained in company formation practices. Many of them have backgrounds in accounting, law or business. Their advice is sound, and the service is affordable. Consumers should verify the organisations accreditations and experience prior to the selection process. All of the statutory forms are submitted online. These documents may include accounting reference dates, share allotments, share classes, share certificates, registers and minutes. Name check services may also be provided by some of these organisations. Incfile

The prices typically range from £40 to £300, depending upon the organisation and the documentation included. An experienced professional will review the documents for accuracy and issue the certifications digitally or via mail depending upon the package type. Any other documentation may be delivered digitally or in Word or PDF format. The paper free process is preferable to those interested in preserving the environment. This method also saves money and time on delivery. Each package offers consumers a variety of assistance. The more assistance provided, the more expensive the package becomes.

Many online company formation organisations can form a corporation within minutes or hours. Most of these organisations guarantee formation in three to six hours. Some offer free consultation before the business formation process begins. Many of the organisations will help corporations select the proper registration for their type of business. A high street bank account, website formation, a toll free number and Director and Shareholder agreement may also be included. Some will even provide secretarial assistance. Whether a limited liability partnership (LLP) or public limited company (PLC) is needed, online assistance is available to help owners. Most of these processes are completed 100% online.

Some online company formation services also include: Apostile services, Notary services, bookkeeping assistance, seals, stamps and other awards. Both new corporations and shelf corporations are formed through online company formation services. Company seals, name plates, wafers or stamps may be provided by some online organisations. The prices are typically affordable, and the delivery is fast.

When online business formation services provide accounting assistance, the agents typically work in unison with an existing accountant that handles the corporation’s complex transactions. This frees your accountant from mundane tasks. The prices are often more affordable with these organisations. Business owners are charged an additional fee for this type of assistance. Any service related to this process is typically provided through online organisations.

Many business owners are concerned about the security of the process. Most online company formation services operate in a secure environment. The encryption technology is advanced, and information is not easily transmitted to a third party. This protects the enterprise from fraudulent activity or exposure during the registration process. This process is gaining popularity because of its convenience and affordability. Many corporations will also allow unlimited submissions and free telephone support to ensure the correctness of the application. This is a convenience that many consumers appreciate.